Together, We Can Make a Brighter Detroit

We at Brighter Detroit Community Center are excited to be part of the Gratiot Woods area community! We want to work side by side with you to make a difference for our kids and our families. There are multiple ways to get involved, ranging from daily activities, athletics to special events and fundraisers that we will need help with. We are invested, but we need you to give of your time, your talent or your treasure. Contact us at


When it comes to motivating youth to think past challenging times, Branden Dawson and Brandan Kearney know a few things about perseverance

The former Michigan State University players shared moments of encouragement with school children as part of the first annual Back-to-School Fest hosted by Brighter Detroit Community Center.

“One reason this is important is because there are a lot of kids that I grew up with who were in the same situation as the ones I saw and met at Brighter Detroit,” recalls Kearney, a Detroit native and Southeastern High School graduate. “They didn’t make it out.”
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Clearing Out

Amazing things have been going on behind the scenes over the past year to get the former 4-H Building on McClellan in Detroit ready to become Brighter Detroit Community Center. We’ve had tremendous help from area residents, volunteers, and partnerships with other organizations.

Working Together
Removing Bleacher Boards
Replacing Bleachers
New gym floor needed
Furnishings cleared
Workers better Detroit Center
Repurpose, reuse
College students pitching in
Wood won't be wasted
Volunteers are priceless
Packing up books
Workers from ASWD remove old gym floor
Catholic Girls Volunteering

Golf Outing

Our friends and sponsors enjoyed a day on the links at The Inn at St. John’s Golf Course during our Brighter Detroit Charity Golf Outing. Our next Golf Outing will be at the same location on Saturday, July 16.

Sponsors and friends support Brighter Detroit
Fore the Children
Fun at Brighter Detroit Golf Outing
Working behind the scenes
Kosta Marselis prepares to swing
A day on the links
Loyalty and Friendship
Terry Hall, golf outing organizer, and Dr. Nikita Murry, Brighter Detroit Director, take a Break

Backpack Event

Brighter Detroit Community Center hosted our first Back to School Fun Fest for nearly 300 children and families of Detroit. Everyone enjoyed the playground, music, free food and received backpacks loaded with supplies and personal care items.

Giving of the time
Michigan State Police care for Detroit
Balloon and Girl
Dancing to their own beat
Detroit BBQ
Teenagers with Backpacks
Kids and mom
Face painting

All Black Event

Brighter Detroit Community Center has the support of Detroiters, especially those with ties to the Gratiot Woods/I-94 community. Halloween Weekend 2015, they all came out at night to enjoy a fundraising event sponsored by They Say Restaurant.

Kendra, Nikita Murry and Kim
Classmates join the fun
Diverse Crowd
They say Restaurant
Costumed creeper
Kettering High School Classmates
Lady Cop Dances
Ladies Night


Caring for the families in our community is a primary focus of Brighter Detroit Community Center. At Thanksgiving, Brighter Detroit delivered 15 complete meals to families of Detroit Public Schools students as part of an annual Thanksgiving event sponsored by They Say Restaurant and the Homer Ferguson Foundation.

Hot turkey dinner
Serving Up Gravy
Turkey Feast
Trays for Food
Hot Rolls
Terry Payne Stuffing Dish
Volunteers wrapping silverware