Providing Family Resources

Family Circles is a collection of resources and services dedicated to supporting, honoring, celebrating and nourishing parents, guardians, grandparents and extended family.

Family Circles help improve family dialogue, particularly when addressing difficult issues within a family. They can be an effective way to be in conversation when families experience disagreement, need to make a decision together, are concerned about the behavior of a family member, want to work together as a team, want to learn from each other, or want to explore a topic they think will be difficult to talk about.

Family Circles offer a specific conversation process and are facilitated by an experienced Circle Keeper. Family Circles provide a way of talking together where everyone:

  • is respected

  • gets a chance to speak without interruption

  • finds ways to tell his/her own story

  • is heard

  • is equal to everyone else in the circle

  • maintains confidentiality about what is said in circle

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